Thursday, 14 January 2016

Global Reach Shows The Trustworthy Way To Education Abroad

Mr. Pradhan rang the bell of his neighbour’s house on an evening.

He was welcomed warmly by Mr. Gupta. Both of these neighbours have become friends for a long time, and Mr. Pradhan hardly hides any facts from his friend, especially the facts about his children and – of course – their future.

Mr. Gupta knows about this anxious trait of his friend and he tries to help him in all ways possible.

That evening also, Mr. Gupta showed a light of hope to his friend.

Mr. Pradhan previously told his friend about the frequent nature of his son Nil. He always dreams for a great and extended career path. Mr. Pradhan is doubtful on how he can help his son.

He started telling this to Mr. Gupta. Unmindfully taking a sip from the cup of tea, he began, “Nil’s a little bit disappointed for few days. I couldn’t help it. He wants to go to Australia for completing his bachelor’s degree there. You know...I don’t see any use of going outside your country to get educated. What fault did our own colleges and universities do?”

Mr. Gupta replied, “As a matter of fact, you’re boy is quite intelligent...I mean as far as I know him”.

“But...Australia”, murmured Mr. Pradhan finishing the rest of the tea.

“Let me tell you something,” added Mr. Gupta, “Do you know that students nowadays are more meritorious than we were? They want a global profession. It is not their fault, but the expansion of their career. With such a merit they deserve a broadened profession.”

The other man kept saying, “Yeah...But...”

Mr. Gupta continued, “What you worry on is authentication. Don’t panic because Global Reach is there. They authenticate everything by their overseas education consultants when your child aims for education abroad. They also arrange for educational loans and visa verification in a trustworthy way.”

A lot of conversation continued that day. But, when Mr. Pradhan patted Nil that night and encouraged him, you can understand what the former thought of.

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