Friday, 10 June 2016

Melbourne Beckons Prodigious Minds & Global Reach Shows the Light

Melbourne is known all over the world as the hotspot for a fantastic cricket stadium. The MCG is seen as one of the worthiest stadiums in the world with international matches taking places all year long. However, the scenario today encompasses the element of education that is glorifying the city’s horizon. Universities in Melbourne are achieving global recognition due to their top-notch courses, highly learned trainers, latest teaching methodologies and a curriculum that can be best-described as volatile because it constantly revamps itself. Some of the most advanced courses in the world are taught in Australian universities and their worth is considered to be top-of-the-class in all respects.

Therefore, it certainly makes sense to study in Australian universities, particularly, the ones present in Melbourne. However, there are many things to consider except the application process. For instance, students have to clear the IELTS/PTE exam first because universities often require these exam scores (of course, there are some universities that do not require them). Then, there is the often-encountered problem of getting student visas. Australia has a large number of immigration requirements that students have to meet in order to be granted access to the country. Their dreams of finishing education in an Australian university will be crushed mercilessly in the event of not getting an Australian visa. Once, in the country, or rather in Melbourne, students need to know about the safest, reliable and affordable places to stay. Being new to the region, they naturally will not have any information beforehand. Therefore, the corresponding problems will crop up much to their discomfort.

It is here that Global Reach has come to the rescue. The consultancy along with its educational consultants has made the dream of finishing higher education in foreign countries into a reality. As far as Australia is concerned, the consultants of Global Reach advice students on a large number of aspects associated with staying and studying there. Further, students are given intensive coaching sessions on IELTS/PTE so that they are able to clear it. Finally, the question of getting visas does not exist because Global Reach is one of the six authorized agencies of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia and, therefore, given the facility of issuing E-visas to students. Therefore, a student who wishes to study in Melbourne should approach Global Reach without a moment’s delay.

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