Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Global Reach’s Take on Education in Australia

The Indian Independence Day is nearing our horizon with one single month remaining for it. The meaning of independence in our lives carries multiple connotations. One of them is freedom of choice – the ability to choose one’s university for completing high education. Given the fact that students don’t face financial constraints, Global Reach in Kolkata has come forth as the much-needed guide in resolving all other problems that a student is bound to face.

One of those problems is the acquiring of Visa – a prevalent one, especially for Australia. Global Reach has stepped forth as the ideal solution for this problem: it has been authorized by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), Australia for issuing E-visas to students.

Another frequently encountered problem is figuring out the correct preparatory approach for the IELTS/PTE exams. In fact, a lion’s share of students fall prey to this exam due to incorrect preparation. Global Reach ensures that their dreams of overseas education do not stop short at this point. It does this by providing complementary 12-hour long coaching sessions on IELTS/PTE. Students who apply to foreign universities through Global Reach get these coaching sessions as their ideal preparatory tools required for clearing the IELTS/PTE exams.

Australia has changed a lot today in terms of housing some of the most-distinguished universities of the world. Indian students have, therefore, come to associate Australia with highly relevant and premium education. With Global Reach by their side, they need not worry at all as far as learning there is concerned. This statement is not an audacious claim but is in fact a reality that Global Reach’s foreign education consultants ensure every single day.

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