Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Global Reach Offers the Best IELTS Coaching

The acronym IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It’s the most appropriate test taken to examine the English language proficiency of those who are not that professional with this language. This particular English language testing exam had its start way back in the year 1989 and the test scores are accepted by the esteemed universities of New Zealand, Australia, Canada and UK.

IELTS holds a crucial position and has a grave importance in checking the English speaking proficiency of the candidates who have opted to continue with their higher studies in foreign universities.

The UK Visas and Immigration has provided a green signal to only the test scores of this IELTS exam secured by the candidates applying for visa both within and outside UK. There are several institutes that offer high-end IELTS coaching to candidates who are on the look-out for securing a seat in any of the prestigious universities.

Global Reach is among the many institutes that make provision for a successful IELTS coaching. The trainers stationed at the institute make an effort on their side to provide the best of this training to the candidates who gain admittance in this institute. Coming to the content of this exam, the entire exam is divided into four sections. They are:

Listening- In this portion, the questions are segregated into four parts comprising of ten questions in each section. A total of 40 minutes is devoted to answer by the candidates.

Reading- This portion mainly accounts for the comprehension part where the candidates need to work on a given passage. Moreover, it is segregated into three divisions.

Writing- In this portion, the examinee is asked to write a text of 150 words in 20 minutes and a total of 250 words within the next 40 minutes.

Speaking- It’s more or less a face-to-face interview between the examinee and the examiner. In this portion, the candidate is required to give an introduction for one self, give an extempore and participate in group discussion.

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